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Laura Purdy, MD, MBA

Dr. Laura Purdy, a highly regarded and accomplished Family Medicine Physician, is recognized as a true trailblazer and influential leader in the field of digital healthcare. Aptly titled "America's Favorite Doctor," she has garnered widespread acclaim and has been featured in esteemed media outlets such as InStyle, TIMES, Vogue, People, Glamour, and Forbes, solidifying her status as a trusted authority and sought-after thought leader in the industry.


Dr. Purdy's journey towards becoming a prominent figure in healthcare began when her innate passion for helping others led her to transition from a successful career as a performing pianist to pursue a BA in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) from Ball State University. She then pursued her medical education at the esteemed Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, followed by a family medicine residency at Georgia's Martin Army Hospital.


For 14 years, Dr. Purdy served as a dedicated physician in the US Army, delivering exceptional care to military personnel undergoing rigorous training and deployments. During her time as Battalion Surgeon, she embraced telemedicine to enhance the care of soldiers, and later, as a med/peds hospitalist at Fort Campbell, Kentucky Army Hospital, she played a pivotal role in establishing the Army's expansive telemedicine networks. 

Residing in Miami, Florida, Dr. Purdy gracefully manages her personal and professional life as a dedicated "mompreneur," raising four children under the age of 10. Despite her young age of 37, her colleagues across the nation have bestowed upon her the well-deserved title of "America's Favorite Doctor." Driven by an unwavering passion to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible, she utilizes her role as Medical Director and C-Suite executive to realize her vision of establishing the most advanced telehealth systems. For more information, visit and follow @AmericasFavoriteDoctor 

Joelle Hoffman-Smith, RN-MSN, LE

Joelle began her career as an LPN in 2015 before graduating from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2017 with an associate's degree in nursing. She then graduated with a BSN in 2018 and her master's of science in nursing degree in 2023. She has worked in multiple specialties as a nurse, some of which include progressive care/telemetry, med-surg nursing, dialysis, and behavioral health. 

Joelle opened Pure Skin Esthetics in November 2020 after becoming a licensed esthetician, graduating from Altoona Beauty School. She has a two year old son and resides in her hometown, Punxsutawney. Joelle loves providing a unique experience to her clients by blending a spa atmosphere with results driven treatments.

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