Acne Bootcamp is now available both virtually and physically!

This 12 week program has a 90% success rate in managing most acne types. Your bootcamp fee includes initial consultation, bi-weekly phone consults, monthly treatment facials for 3 months, education, and consistent support. Virtual appointments are at a reduced rate as they do not include treatment facials. Please be advised that more frequent appointments may be suggested, depending on your acne severity.


"Active" Face Reality products are reserved for Acne Bootcamp clients only and require strict adherence and monitoring. Clients can start "non-active" Face Reality products without joining Bootcamp. 

If a client wishes to not proceed after the initial consult,

they are charged a $50 appointment fee or $75 if they choose to receive a same-day treatment. 

Massage can be added to a treatment facial for an additional $15.


Products are an additional cost. On average, clients can expect to spend

$100-$150 on their first regimen. Product strength will be increased as tolerated until acne is clear. Clients can expect to invest $200-$250 in products during the Bootcamp Program, on average.

A price list and all other information will be provided at the first appointment.